Hello World! I’m Prasanna Ramaswamy, a 3rd year B. Tech. Engineering Physics student, studying at IIT Madras. I’ve realized that I’m interested in Music, playing around with my computer, Web Designing, Astronomy, to name a few.


Chitraveena PrasannaI have been learning Carnatic Music for a very long time and aspire to become a full-fledged musician someday. Currently, I am learning vocal and Chitraveena from Chitravina Ganesh and Chitravina Narasimhan. I fiddle around with some more musical instruments as well, but can’t play any of them really well.

Web Designing

Design IconI also like to design websites (newly found interest). Following are some of the websites that I manage / designed (alone/part-of-a-team).

and of course my personal website (will be ready soon)


Debian LogoI use Debian GNU/Linux with the GNOME Desktop Environment. As of now, I’m just a linux user and haven’t contributed much to the FOSS Community. Most of the time that I am in front of my computer is spent on doing assignments, googling for bug fixes, checking mail, designing and blogging. I’m known as pressman on irc.freenode.net.


SaturnI’m a member of the Astronomy Club, IIT Madras. The club owns a wonderful Celestron 8″ GTA Telescope. Much of my inspiration in astronomy is drawn from my friend – Akarsh Simha. The club holds regular observation sessions. We also try photographing objects once in a while. The picture on the right is Saturn, taken by us.


You can contact me at mr.r.prasanna [*AT] gmail [DOT*] com