Midnight Beauty

What do you do after an evening full of mugging for AM110 ? You obviously get bored, duh. And I was no different. Took my camera and tripod headed to our terrace at midnight. Unlike normal photo sessions, I had a plan this time. I wanted to capture a nice, bright, long aeroplane trail. But as usual, I was distracted by other beautiful things waiting to be captured on film.
One of them was a huge patch of yellow light emanating from a construction site and its exotic reflection on a cloud over it. I was ready. I set up the shot and waited for the exposure to get over. Luckily, a plane happened to pass through my field.
Wow! I was amazed by the shot. That was, by far, the best night shot that I have ever taken.

Midnight Shot
Field Details:-
Sirius is seen in the top left. To the right, is an aeroplane that just took off. The yellow light is from a construction site.
Exposure Details :-
Canon PowerShot A540
f/2.6, Focal length, 5.6mm
ISO 200
15 second exposure