Joking ??

B. Tech Student : (To himself) What??! Who has set up this experiment? Voltmeter in series and Ammeter in parallel ? Standards of the insti are falling monotonically. Sigh.

Ph. D Teaching Assistant : Hey why are you fiddling with the circuit? I have got everything ready for you. You just have to take readings and show them to me.

B. Tech : But the circuit is messed up! Let me just swap the Voltmeter and the Ammeter.

Ph. D. : You don’t understand basic electrical sciences! Tell me if I give five amperes to a resistor, how much current will I get out of the other end?

B. Tech : (Completely blown off) Ummm .. Five amperes?

Ph. D. : No! You’ll get something less than five. That’s why it is called a resistor! Sigh .. the standards of the institute are falling badly.

And that, my friends, is the best joke I’ve heard for a long long time.