Magic Cookies ?

There exist all sorts of weird things in computer jargon, cookies, for instance. But how about ultra cool Magic Cookies ? Sounds great right ? But did you know that the term cookies itself is derived from the term Magic Cookies?

Why would have these been christened Magic Cookies? Maybe because they just work! Or perhaps someone was trying to solve some problem, somehow he came up with these, got excited and called them Magic.

How about a situation where magic stops working? Yes, I was caught in such a situation. I am a GNU/Linux user who regularly SSHes into his account on his department server (Yes, with X forwarding) sitting in his room. In down-to-earth words, I login to my department server from my room and I can open Firefox installed in that computer and see it here. This is a very useful feature in a place where the internet generally cups.

This was working perfectly till some time back. Suddenly, this stopped working (Maybe due to a kernel upgrade?). The error:

Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
Error: Can’t open display: localhost:10.0

So, I googled and found lots of people having the same trouble. I tried some of the solutions. But none of them worked. One of them was something to do with xauth . I realized I didn’t have this particular package installed. So I installed xauth . And before I did anything with xauth , ssh -X was working perfectly.

Maybe Magic Cookies are magic!